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Quarantine Productivity - 5 Ways to Maximise Your Time Working From Home

Overnight, our world has changed. With the arrival of Covid-19, our existences - both personal and professional - have been tipped upside down.

You are most likely reading this article from your home, or wherever you are currently self quarantining. Finding it hard to concentrate? Read on!

For some, remote working will be a familiar experience. For those whose days are usually filled with face to face meetings and on site visits, it might b feeling like a drastic adjustment.

No matter where you are on the comfort scale, there are a variety of easily applicable ways to maximise your potential for productivity while working from home.

Here are the 5 key tips you need to know about:

1. Create a schedule - and stick to it.

It might be tempting to play each day by ear, but if you want to get anything done then you need a schedule. Draw up a daily routine that includes periods of solid work broken up by refresher breaks. Don’t be tempted to veer off; self discipline is key to any success in life and this applies now more than ever.

2. Fill your day with opportunities for inspiration.

Whether its a podcast from a motivational speaker, YouTube video from an entrepreneur that inspires you, or a few chapters from your favourite book, give yourself plentiful chances to be inspired. You’ll be amazed how quickly this simple addition to your day will start to positively affect your output - and your mood!

3. Prioritise your wellbeing.

When working from home it can be tempting to fall into bad habits of unhealthy snacking and irregular sleep patterns. Make self care a priority! Eat regularly, sleep well, and engage in some physical activity every day. Not only will you improve your concentration, but you’ll enjoy your working days a great deal more also.

4. Take your weekends.

It’s important to allow your mind to rest and replenish itself. Working every day will only lead to eventual burn out. Treat the weekend as your opportunity to disconnect and having some down time. By Monday, you’ll be glad you did!

5. Accept the differences.

Instead of frustrating yourself by forcing your former style of working into a different environment, embrace this as a new challenge altogether. Create a fresh feeling work space, and let go of debilitating comparison.

The key to entrepreneurial success of any kind is a distinct ability to adapt and transform as circumstances change around you. No one could ever have predicted a global health crisis as affecting as this one. But this is the current situation we are all sharing in.

Embrace this unusual opportunity for self development. It could be the space to progress your business from here in ways you never expected. With the right toolkit enough ambition, nothing will stand in your way.

So what are you waiting for? Clear a space for that fresh home office, and get started!

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